Hangar Home Demolition, Redesign, & Rebuild

In 2017, my family moved to California with the dream of eventually purchasing a home at the Cameron Park Airport residential airpark. Homes at the airpark rarely come up for sale, and when available, they are usually “fixer-upers”. Well we found ourselves a “tearer-downer”.

Short history… this 1970’s era house had had two attempted remodels resulting in an exposed structure that wasn’t even worth salvaging. The property was foreclosed on and we purchased the property to rebuid our dream home on.

We tore the house down to the foundation and hired an architect / engineer to provide a set of plans based off of my  floorplans, CAD models, concept drawings etc. A year later, we were actively building a new house.  It is permitted as a rebuild, however it is being built to current code which will include Solar electricity, Title 24 energy efficiency standards, and a fire suppression system.

I’ll be completing all of the interior work including millwork, glasswork, lighting, cabinetry, stonework, and all other custom work that will truly make this home ours, as well as one of my artistic canvases. Certificate of occupancy was issued in November of 2020.