Marquart MA-5 “Charger”

The Marquart MA-5 “Charger” is an experimental biplane built from plans designed by the late Ed Marquart.
This particular Charger was built by the late Remo Galeazzi and completed in 1985. During the time that I was caretaker for the aircraft, I completed many upgrade projects on the aircraft to help maintain it in excellent airworthy condition.
Upgrade work included:
-Design, fabrication and installation of an improved landing gear design.
-Design, fabrication and installation of smoke system.
-Design, fabrication and installation of Rotec throttle body injector system with fuel regulator override.
I owned the aircraft for 7 years, flew it regularly, took many trips in it, and gave countless volunteer EAA Young Eagle Flights in it. When my family moved to California, I flew the plane, solo from Chicago to the west coast, following the original 1926 airmail route. I sold it to a friend in 2019 to make time for other endeavors.