In October 2021, I started working at Intel in their NAND storage group (NSG) working on thermal mechanical solutions for data center solid state hard drives.  At the time I joined Intel, I had been briefed that NSG was part of a planned strategic sell-off from Intel.  The result of the company selloff was the birth of a new market player called Solidigm.

During my time at Solidigm I have taken thermal and mechanical ownership of the E1.L form factor.  This includes supporting 4 legacy programs, the current program, and pathfinding for high performance / lower cost next generation products.

The D5-P5336 E1.L represents the first product that I helped bring to marketplace release in both 9.5mm and 18mm E1.L form factors.  At 61.44TB, this SSD is currently the world’s highest capacity PCIe datacenter SSD, twice that of other SSDs in its class.