“Glenn Gordon is one of the best engineers I worked with during my 40 years with Cummins Allison… We would always put Glenn on the most difficult and challenging design projects we were facing. Glenn is a very creative and pragmatic problem solver and designer.”

Bill Jones

Chairman, Cummins-Allison

“Glenn is an incredibly unique talent. He is extremely creative in all areas of mechanical design and complex problem solving. Glenn is able to design complex mechanical mechanisms, but he is also able to study complex mechanisms with his unique creativity and figure out ways to simplify their complexity in ways that make them easy to manufacture.

Doug Mennie

President & COO, Cummins-Allison

“I purposely challenged Glenn with our toughest problems due to his history of excellent engineering skill, logical thinking and creative solutions to problems. He consistently approaches his work with passion and a natural curiosity that results in truly outstanding work. “

John Blake

Executive Vice President - Engineering, Cummins-Allison

“I watched Glenn mature from a very driven, very creative, if not the most creative engineer I had the pleasure of working with, to a mature engineer that, in short, really embodies the complete New Product Development Package.”

Ralf Jaegar

Senior Manager of Technology, Cummins-Allison

“I’ve known Glenn for several years now as I have developed my own company. Glenn was absolutely instrumental in that development and changed the face and capability of the company… I am very grateful to have met Glenn Gordon. His drive, capability, and passion for what he does truly transformed my company.”

Nick Pfannenstiel

Owner, Timber Tiger Aircraft

“Glenn’s aptitude and sharp mind have proven invaluable to MotoPOD. His creativity, initiative, and goal-oriented personality enabled him to solve some of our most challenging engineering problems. Glenn is unquestionably one of the key individuals who brings creativity, technical knowledge, passion, and hands-on ability which contributes to the success of a company.”

David Shelton

President, MotoPOD, LLC

“I’m amazed at the expertise and the attention to detail that was given by Mr. Gordon.  I have owned six aircraft. The workmanship on this aircraft is superior to the previous 5 aircraft, which were all certificated aircraft.  I would not hesitate to purchase any aircraft Mr. Gordon built.”

Al Bieber

Supervisory Principal Operations Inspector, FAA

“Glenn is a hard-working self-starter who invariably understands exactly what a project entails from the outset and how to implement and execute it quickly and effectively. He is a resourceful, creative, and solution-oriented person who was frequently able to come up with new and innovative approaches to his assigned projects.”

Robert Farrell

President, Protech Structural Industries, Inc.

“Glenn is very detail oriented and precision adept… Mr. Gordon possesses the strong attributes of integrity, self-direction, reliability and clear engineering design talent. He is focused, easy to work with and honest. I highly recommend him to any future employer. I would also like to add, that any of our design projects in the future will be offered to Mr. Gordon first!”

William Bratt

Owner, Image Development, Inc.