Cummins-Allison Corp.

After leaving PSI in 2005 to take on more challenging design work, I was fortunate to begin working for Cummins-Allison Corp.  I started there as an entry level engineer and I worked my way up to Senior Mechanical Design Engineer for Special Projects. I served in this role until the company’s acquisition and reorganization in Q2 2020.

At Cummins-Allison, I was quickly noticed by upper management and recognized for my creativity.  I became the only staff mechanical design engineer who regularly worked in both coin and currency product development.  I hold patents and company awards in both of those categories.

As an inventor and mechanical design engineer, Cummins-Allison was the perfect incubator for my skills and talents.    I regularly was given freedom to explore new fabrication processes and the freedom to innovate new design philosophies for incorporation into the product line.  Today, my efforts can be readily seen throughout the product line, and my most recent work will appear in future product generations as well as in completely new product offerings.

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