Protech Structural Industries (PSI)

PSI was my first full time position as a mechanical design engineer and was my first venture into modular design. For this soon to be created company, I was hired to create a product line of modular building based of monocoque construction techniques often found on aircraft. This was a new appoach forthe industry and would soon become the new standard to replace traditional fabrication techniques.

These are much more than metal shells. They feature a motorized cantilevered transport mechanism for servicing the ATM, security sensors and controls, interal lighting, exterior illuminuated advertising panels and canopies, environmental controls, and many other custom configuration options.

The company later entered the pneumatic tube/transport market. I designed turbine air-packs, shifter valves, terminals, and a product called “The DS-Teller”.  It was designed and built to replace failed bank teller units manufactured by an industry competitor. Due to its narrow footprint, it remains the only product on the market that is a drop-in replacement for now obsolete teller units.

The DS-Teller is now manufactured under license agreement by a major industry manufacturer.

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