Timber Tiger Aircraft  |  95% scale Ryan ST-A Replica

In 2017 I was searching for an original Ryan ST-A aircraft to restore to flying condition.  A quick reality check showed me just how rare and unavailable a Ryan ST-A project actually is.  My next step was to see if there were any replica kits or plans on the market.  Not a one.  My research did however steer me towards rumors of someone in Colorado, Nick Pfannenstiel, who was starting to design a replica that he could offer for sale as a partial kit.

I tracked down Nick and suggested we collaborate on the project.  Not knowing me, but in desperate need of help, he guardedly agreed.  At the time, he was four tailcone bulkheads into the build.

I quickly helped bring the project to the world of CAD.  The construction rate of the prototype grew exponentially as did the completeness of the kit he would be able to offer for sale.  I helped create tooling and models that would be directly used for the fabrication of the parts.  In addition, I created all of the surface models for the complex shapes. These models would later be used to create tooling for molds and bucks for the challenging compound curved aluminum which defines the beauty of the design.

After completing Phase I flight testing, I checked out on the airplane and flew it to AirVenture 2021 in Oshkosh, WI.  Kits are currently in production and being shipped to customers across the country.


I am currently building one of these beautiful aircraft.  Please visit my EAA Builder’s Log.

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