My ST-L Kitplane Build

In 2022, after completing construction of our hangar home at the Cameron Park, CA airport, it was finally time for me to get busy building my own ST-L.  Having helped design the ST-L makes this airplane a particularly exciting build project for me.

I started with the empannage kit, building the horizontal and vertical stabilizers, the elevators, and the rudder.  The structure of these components is complete and they are currently set aside until its time to cover them with fabric prior to paint.

I am nearing completion of the wings. This is the first ST-L being built as a clipped wing.  A design change intended to increase the crosswind capability, aerobatic capabilities, and cruise performance of the aircraft. The ailerons have been built as well and I am currently in the process of completing the design and fabrication of custom 3:1 wingtip lighting as well as vintage appearance landing and taxi lights.

(To be continued as my build progresses.)

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